21st Century Scholars

As part of the 21st Century Scholars experience, a variety of program activities will take place at IU's booth. Completing these activities will fulfill several of your requirements as a 21st Century Scholar.

9th Grade Scholar Success Program

“Paying for College 101”

By ninth grade, it's time to get serious about college costs and the steps you need to save and manage your money. Complete this program requirement by watching an informative video at the IU booth about calculating college costs, saving, and the various types of financial aid available.

“Create a Graduation Plan”

In 9th grade, you must create a high school Graduation Plan. It lists what courses, tests, and other steps you need to complete in high school so you have a clear path to graduation, college, and beyond. You’ll update your Graduation Plan each year as your plans for after high school continue to develop. Get started by setting up an account with a scholar representative.

10th Grade Scholar Success Program

“Get Workplace Experience”

Workplace experience helps you better understand certain jobs and work environments. Watch informational interviews of IU alums from various professions, such as business, law, information technology, education, and healthcare as they share their academic and professional journey.

“Estimating College Costs”

Watch the “Estimating College Costs” video and learn how to calculate out-of-pocket costs that you and your family need to consider in preparing to pay for college.

“Take a Career Interest Assessment”

A Career Interest Assessment is a tool that asks you a series of questions to help identify careers that align with your interests and goals. The easiest way to complete this requirement is to access the Indiana Career Explorer account you created when you started your Graduation Plan as a freshman. Scholar representatives can assist you onsite.

11th Grade Scholar Success Program

“Visit an IU Campus” and “Search for Scholarships”

The 21st Century Scholarship can be applied to an eligible two-year or four-year Indiana college. You can meet program requirements at the IU booth by taking virtual tours of IU’s campuses. In addition, you’ll have an opportunity to speak directly with campus representatives to learn more about what IU has to offer.

12th Grade Scholar Success Program

“College Success 101”

As a 12th grader, it’s time to prepare to transition from high school to college. Meet your program requirement by watching a 30-minute video at the IU booth on what you can do to succeed in your classes and make the most of your college experience!

“Submit Your IU College Application”

It’s also time to submit your college application! Take advantage of IU’s application waiver during the Indiana Black Expo, where you can apply to one or more of IU’s campuses at one time. IU campus representatives will be on hand to assist you through the application process.

Track Your 21st Century Scholar Success Progress Online

The Scholar Success Program includes various activities to keep students on track for success. Each grade level has three activities to complete. You can satisfy these requirements for your grade level and track your progress using ScholarTrack. Follow these simple steps to set up your ScholarTrack account.


  1. Visit ScholarTrack.IN.gov and create an account by selecting “I am a student.”
  2. To create an account, you will need to share:
    • Your name
    • Your date of birth
    • Your email address
    • Your Social Security Number or your Scholar ID
  3. That’s it! You are ready to start tracking your progress toward your
    21st Century Scholarship online.


  1. Visit ScholarTrack.IN.gov and create an account by selecting “I am a parent or
    guardian.” Be sure to have the following materials handy:
    • Your email address
    • Your home address
    • Your student’s Social Security Number
    • Your student’s date of birth
    • Your Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN)

    It will take approximately 30 minutes to complete an application in the
    ScholarTrack system.
  2. Once you submit an application, track your student’s progress by clicking on “View/Edit Student.”
  3. That’s it! You are ready to start tracking your student’s progress toward the
    21st Century Scholarship.

Questions? Email: Scholars@che.in.gov or call 888-528-4719.