21st Century Scholars

As part of the 21st Century Scholars experience, a variety of program activities will take place at IU's Booth. Completing these activities will fulfill several of your requirements as a 21st Century Scholar.

9th Grade Scholar Success Program

“Paying for College 101”

By ninth grade, it’s time to get serious about college costs and the steps you need to save and manage your money. Complete this program requirement by watching an informative video at the IU booth about calculating college costs, how to save, and the various types of financial aid available.

10th Grade Scholar Success Program

“Get Workplace Experience”

Workplace experience helps you gain a better sense about certain jobs and work environments. IU alumni from various professions such as business, law, information technology, education, and healthcare will be on hand to help scholars meet their program requirement by participating in informational interviews in professions you might wish to pursue.

11th Grade Scholar Success Program

“Visit a College Campus”

The 21st Century Scholarship can be applied to an eligible two-year or four-year Indiana college. At the IU booth, you can meet program requirements by taking virtual tours of IU’s campuses. In addition, you’ll have an opportunity to speak directly with campus representatives to learn more about what IU has to offer.

12th Grade Scholar Success Program

“College Success 101”

As a 12th grader, it’s time to begin preparing for the transition from high school to college. Meet program requirements by watching a 30-minute video at the IU booth about what you can do to succeed in your classes and make the most of your college experience!